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Jemma Newman Perth copywriting professional

Jemma Newman

I’m an experienced copywriter based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. I’m efficient and affordable because you work directly with me at WordStudio, my freelance copywriting agency.

You’ll hear my cheerful voice on the phone and every written word is freshly squeezed from my brain – I’m fully responsible for every project.

Having worked in marketing management and communications roles for years, I’m excited to turn that experience into my own agency and focus on creating amazing content and website copywriting.

I’ve got two small kiddies and I want to show them that yes, you can be happy at work every day!

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120,000 people

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The starting line

I admit it. I was embarrassed at my first copywriting interview.

“Hah. A degree doesn’t mean a thing in the real world... I only want a copywriter who can produce the goods.”

Over a decade ago at the tender age of 24, I stepped smartly through doors of Worldwide Salon Marketing to shake hands with the company CEO, Greg Milner.

“So, you’re a copywriter eh?” he greeted me. “Tell me, what experience do you have?

“Erm…” I coughed nervously. “This would be my first copywriting job. I’ve got a degree in English and Communications, and I love writing.”

“Hah. A degree doesn’t mean a thing in the real world,” he declared as he leaned back in his chair, a world-weary expression on his face. “What have you written that sold something? I only want a copywriter who can produce the goods.”

It was a good question. Despite working for Sky TV and churning out thousands of essays and sample press releases I’d never sold anything with my writing.

I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks.

Despite my embarrassment, I was determined. Copywriting was my dream.

“Look Greg,” I said firmly, “you’re right. I’ve never written a real ad or email.”

“Why don’t I prove to you that I’m a good copywriter. Give me a project. Anything. I’ll have it back to you tomorrow, no charge,” I offered calmly.

He chuckled. Then assigned me a project so primitive I was nearly certain he was joking and trying to get rid of me.

“Jemma, I want you to write me a sales letter to sell HB pencils.”

I went home that afternoon, fired up my laptop and the coffee machine, and set to work. I was selling myself as well as that darn HB pencil.

The next morning, Greg hired me as a copywriter. Over the following 3 years I delivered on “producing the goods”, as Greg explains below.