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I’m Jemma Newman, a freelance copywriter in sunny Perth, Australia.

I’m the happiest copywriter in the world. 

Why am I so smiley? 

Let me start at the dark end. 

I used to really dislike working in the advertising world. Even though persuasive words are my gift, I felt like a sleazy salesperson who could “spin” anything to someone’s advantage.

It was like a having a super power that wasn’t being used for good. In my heart it seemed that I wasn’t making a positive difference in our world. I was just being used as a tool to sell. 

Then one day, a small business owner crumpled in tears. 

Swiping at her eyes with a tissue, she explained they were happy tears. A well-written campaign had saved her bacon. Despite incredible services, her business was floundering without a regular flow of customers. She couldn’t pay herself, she wasn’t sleeping, and she couldn’t tell the kids the family home might be sold to pay the bills.

With the right words, her business thrived. She was seen as an expert in her niche, showing her skills in a new light that connected with customers on a personal level. I could see her stand straighter, laugh louder and enjoy her life again.

Something clicked. A chorus of joy and clarity exploded in my brain. I saw that persuasive words can genuinely help people when they’re used for good.

Ethical words have incredible power.

There are millions of small and medium businesses who are truly amazing, but don’t know how to tell the world. My job as a great copywriter is to connect customers with products and services that will help them. 

I’m a catalyst for change, a truth-speaker, a match-maker helping people find a solution to their problems.

It’s no wonder I’m the happiest copywriter in the world.

Now you know why I love my business. What about you? I bet there’s a great story to be shared.

Jemma Newman Perth Copywriter

Key expertise

  • 10+ years in marketing management and communications
  • Secured extensive media coverage in the Australian Financial Review, Sky News, WA News, and ABC Radio.
  • Managed teams of graphic designers, web developers and content writers.
  • Worked closely with advertising and digital agencies to deliver results. 
  • Technology experience with CRM and sales software, email software, website content management systems (CMS), and tenders and proposals systems.

Who I work with

I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes:

  • Engineering
  • Building and construction
  • Finance
  • Mining
  • Health and beauty
  • Recruitment
  • Property
  • Coaching
  • Education
  • Software

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